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GetResponse Email Marketing and Social Media

Email marketing can help businesses increase sales and it generates an excellent return on the investment, it is a very powerful marketing tool. This form of direct marketing is focused on the delivery of information about services or products directly into the persons inbox.

Email marketing is widely used in Ireland because sending email is cheaper than most other forms of communication and marketing as well as being easy to measure it’s efficiency. It lets you deliver a message to your customers and it has proven to be very successful when it’s done right. Advertisers can reach a substantial number of customers who already gave their consent to receive such emails and are interested in the services or products that are advertised. More than half of Internet users access their email accounts to either check or send mail on an average day, it’s the best direct-marketing channel and brings in much better results than direct-marketing material that is printed.

You can send mass newsletters or target specific users. Email marketing leads to sales conversions and allows website owners to market at internet speed. A disadvantage of e-marketing is that many companies send unsolicited emails, in other words, spam, making it harder for people to trust what they receive and very often e-mails are left unopened.

Newsletters or Ezines are also popular and cover other needs. These keep customers informed about all news and updates about your business. Creating them is easy and cost effective, requires little technology and pages like Mailchimp are great tools to generate newsletters.

Mailchimp is not only a free tool but it also offers many different email templates for newsletters, offers and much more. It also lets you create your own templates from scratch with a very easy drag and drop tool (new) and it offers editable blank templates. It also offers very detailed campaign reports, letting you know who has opened your email, what browser they used, what country they are in, etc. This tool can be integrated to other social media channels.

In addition to this, using RSS feeds and blogs (Blogspot or WordPress) are other great ways to get subscribers and share your email campaigns online easily.

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